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Home of gorgeous British Shorthair Kittens with round faces, big cheeks, soft velvety coats, and fantastic personalities.

         We are CFA and TICA registered cattery and we breed British Shorthair Kittens, and also Minuet Kittens

         All of our adult breeders have excellent pedigrees and health. Our goal is to produce healthy, and loving kittens with warm personalities which you can welcome in your home as new family members. 

       We are a cat loving family living on the Pacific Coast of Southern California.  We fell in love with British Short Hair (BSH) cats and kittens because of their personalities and feline beauty.  We decided to breed rare, unique colors.  It took a lot of planning and a lot of preparation, because we wanted to start out with the best available breeding cats.  We soon found out that if we wanted really the best, we had to bring our breeders from the best EU lines. So far, only one of our dames is "American" from Florida.  

       We chose to specialize in the Golden, Silver, Cinnamon (very rare color), Fawn, Chocolate and Lilac coat colors.  It should be noted that sometimes, a medium hair kitten is born to short hair parents, and it is called a "Highlander". We do not feel that a highlander BSH is some sort of "mistake" or genetic error, just the opposite.  We love them because they have their special charm and beautiful coats that still require minimal care.  Thank you for visiting our site and you are more than welcome to look at the gallery of our cats and kittens, because a single picture says more than a thousand words....

About the breed

Nursery - New Baby Kittens


Updated 7/4/2019

These three BSH sisters were born 3/14/19 and they just had their 2nd photo shoot on Easter (but we still left some baby pictures up)! Only Camille and Carly are still AVAILABLE! Introducing Camille, Cappuccino and Carly.

“Camille” & “CARLY”

(new reduced adoption fee)

Camille and Carly are our golden tabby BSH sisters who have stolen our hearts!

They are curious, observant, happy and playful kittens, eager to learn all about the world around them! They are now socialized, litter box trained, weaned, and ready to bring hours of love and fun!

Their DOB is 3/14/2019 and their adoption fee is 925 each. Camille is still AVAILABLE, Carly is reserved. If you decide to adopt both, the adoption fee would be 1,650.

Updated photos with red background taken 6/3: Camille is now ready for their new forever home. Could that be with you?



Three more BSH siblings were born on 3/30/2019. Please welcome (drumroll)…. Damien, Delilah and Dipper! Damien and Dipper have been adopted. Delilah is Available

“Delilah” - available

Delilah is the second born of her litter, and she is a beautiful fawn tortie BSH girl. She has already stolen our heart!

Delilah has been blessed with beautiful features, round cheeks, BSH round face, and cute eyes! She is a happy girl that is currently busy nursing, growing, playing, sleeping and repeating.

Her DOB is also 3/30/2019 and her adoption fee is 1,325. She is currently AVAILABLE.

Updated photos taken 6/17/19


Four new BSH girls arrived & they are AVAILABLE!

Introducing Eclair, Elizabeth, Emmylou & Ester! DOB is 5/2/2019 and their adoption fee is 1,750.

Reserve any of the available BSH girls by clicking the button above

Eclair (1).JPG

Eclair is the first of the four sisters. She is a dark chocolate BSH girl. Eclair is RESERVED.

Elizabeth (2).JPG

Elizabeth is the dark chocolate and white bi-color BSH girl. She is one of our beautiful “Oreo Cookie” kittens. Elizabeth is RESEVED for Muhammed and will live in San Francisca.

Emmylou (3).JPG

Emmylou is our light chocolate and white bi-color BSH girl. AVAILABLE.

Ester (2).JPG

Ester is the solid light chocolate BSH girl. RESERVED.

Past and present British Shorthair Kitten Gallery


British Shorthair cats and kittens have quickly become one of the most popular breeds in history and modern day. They have the most beautiful and soft plush coats that are very easy to care for, and adorable faces with large round eyes.  Their intelligence and easy going nature makes them popular with families and just about anyone. They are loyal, non demanding, and playful. We have kittens born this spring of 2018 available for adoption. Visit our Available Kittens page for more specific details.  To learn more about our cattery, please visit About Us page.



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Mr. Blue


Color: cinnamon & white 

Origin: Germany

Mr. peaches


Color: Golden Shaded

Origin: Isreal


Mr Peaches has grown into a beautiful Sire, and we call him Odyssey…

golden Odysee.jpg



Color: Cinnamon

Origin: Germany



Color: Fawn

Origin: Germany



Color: Golden

Origin: Israel


Snow White


Color: Silver

Origin: USA

More Resources

This page is for our future adopting families, so you may better prepare for your new family member :-)

       For Kitten Nutrition please click Here

       For Preparing for your Kitten, including what to buy for him, please click Here

Stories from our Friends & Past Babies 

With so many catteries to choose between, deciding on one can be an overwhelming task. It has been suggested to us that we offer a place where people can read stories & comments written by families that have adopted one (or more!) of our kittens.  We listened.
We asked and have received the following.  Please feel free to offer any comments and we will update as needed. We hope this offers the confidence and assurance that we are the place to come for your BSH darlings.

“Well we call them Cali & Sissi now. They are great & doing great. Just had them spayed. I will send you pictures. Great personalities! Sissi was the smaller one, but now about equal. They talk and play a lot. All shots up to date. About 6 lbs each now at 7 months.

Regards, Isabella & family” 

Cali & Sissi, happy BSH sisters….

“Hi Nancy and Lada,

The kittens are doing tremendously well. They are very happy and well adjusted. The big brother (now named Fig) takes good care of his younger brother (Leo). Both boys are very friendly and love to be loved and petted. 

 Here they are being adored by the girls at Christmas time. And a more recent picture also. We absolutely love them!  

Kind regards, Rachel and family”

“Hi Nancy & Lada!

Attached are some photos of Apricot and Autumn Chestnut. They’re doing great!! We love them! They are so Cute!!

~ Saree & family”

Hello Lada and Nancy! 

We adopted Kira (British Shorthair, white and silver) back in July. She adjusted quickly and ventured out of her carrier in less than 10 minutes of settling her down in the bedroom. 

Since then she’s been full of energy and developing her silly personality. She keeps Brian company when he works from home and she enjoys girl time when I get home in the evening. 

She loves hanging out on the catio (cat proof patio) and cuddles in the early mornings. She loves non-cat toys, boiled chicken breast, but downs toile catnip. 

We love her so much and are so happy that she completes our little family. 

We have an Instagram for her. It’s Kirachan_chan.

Thank you again for her! 

Jackie & Brian


Kira has since gained a playmate from our cattery called Reni. Follow Jackie and Brian’s beautiful photos of Kiran and Reni on Instagram @ Kirachan_chan.


“Hi Nancy and Lada,

Just want to let you know that Sanma and Toro are now buddies and they play all day long. It was really a great decision for us to get a companion for Toro as I feel he is now happier and we have more than double the fun. 

Just so you know, Sanma is pike mackerel in Japanese, another really delicious sushi, so is Toro. 

Thanks again for raising such a wonderful and adorable kittens.

Take care, Songkran and Sarah”

Mistletoe, now Sanma, has joined another British Shorthair boy from us, who is named Toro….

“Dear Lada & Nancy

They seems to get along better day by day.  Toro got more comfortable with Sanma's presence and he's pretty much acting as usual now. For now I think they are becoming buddies. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to think about this and providing the support we needed. 

best, Songkran and Sarah”

Toro (golden British Shorthair), and Sanma (blue tortie British Shorthair), sharing a meal in Santa Clara, CA

Toro (golden British Shorthair), and Sanma (blue tortie British Shorthair), sharing a meal in Santa Clara, CA


“Hi Lada and Nancy,

I hope you are both keeping well. I just wanted to give you an update on Maple (we call her Lulu). She is very happy with us and has settled in nicely. She has become friends with Sumo, our Tonkinese. Noddy, our other BSH is tolerant of her but they haven’t played together yet. She has a ferocious appetite and thinks that any food (including ours) is hers. She is very loving, loves to watch tv and runs around like a maniac! We absolutely adore her.

I have sent you a short clip of the outdoor room and a couple of pics of it as well. Lulu loves to sit out there, especially early morning and watches the squirrels and birds at play. She is fascinated by them.”

Blessings to you both, Nasso & Craig



We absolutely adore MJ! We kept his name which stands for Mister July, his birth month :) Our big cat is still adjusting ;) but the rest of our family couldn't be happier. He loves to play and cuddle, and he melts our hearts with his sweet little face. We love him so much! 

Carla & Tony” 

MJ just relaxing and looking so happy in his new home with his loving family!


“Hi Lada & Nancy!

They {Noah & Nolan} are doing really good!

Time flies and they are growing fast, look at how cute they are! They are active and playful. I love them so much, so do my friends! Thank you for bringing me them!

Here are some photos!”

~ Yuanhao

“ Oliver and Dejah (new name) are doing well. We just got home from Cincinnati and I think they are happy to be home! Oliver missed his window perch. He has grown so much I can’t believe it! I changed their instagram name when I named Dejah. They are @oliver_n_dejahthoris 

Dejah is named after a Martian Warrior Princess from the Edger Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars books. I thought it fitting as she is able to hold her own with Oliver. They are both doing well and Dejah is eating everything! Finally!!! Her respiratory infection she caught seems to be finally behind her. They are both very sweet and playful. “

~ best, Georgia, Oliver & Dejah ~  


"Toro (formerly Baby Azzul), is one of most wonderful things that ever happened to us. He is very playful, gentle, lovely and warm hearted.

On the first day of coming home, he was very scared from the flight and us. His eyes were so big with his cute little face. We left him in a small office room with litter box, dry food and water. The first day, he was not eating at all. He started to open up after a night, started to eat food and play & walk around the room. After a week, he was able to eat food very well and already he knew how to use the rest room haha. This is awesome!

A month passed by so quickly, he is gotten a little bigger and very lovely. He is very curious with everything and now walks around our house easily. He comes sleep with us on the bed everyday and has not been disturbing at all. We woke up with him on our side and every morning he will sit on Songkran’s chest :)

After dinner, he will be sleeping on Sarah's lap and he is very warm and gentle. He purrs a lot whenever he is close to us.

Thank you again for letting us have him. He is so wonderful in every way"!

~ Songkran & Sarah in Santa Clara, CA (May, 2018)

"Momo (formerly Emerald) is the best thing that ever happened to my family this year! This adorable kitty brought us a lot of happiness and joy. My husband and I cannot stop smiling at him and spend most of our time playing with him :)

He is amazingly friendly and gentle. He loves to cuddle and be touched. He always sleeps on our bed between my husband and I, and wakes us up with his gentle touches in the morning. It is definitely the best alarm in the world.

Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful kitten!!

We will send you more of his pictures soon!"

~ Suhyun Jo & Jonathan in Los Angeles, CA

Momo has his own Instagram account page @__momo_thecat__ we are following to see the handsome boy he grows into!

Momo, at one year old now, what a handsome boy he’s become!

Momo, at one year old now, what a handsome boy he’s become!


"He (Sydney) is doing amazing!! I love him dearly and he has become a part of the family. He was neutered last month and is growing big!"

~ Julie from Kansas City, Missouri


"The little guy (Sasha) is doing really well! We have renamed him Vash the Stampede (after an animated character). He s very curious, brave, affectionate and vocal. Its a sign of how well you guys have raised him. Thank you so much!"

~ Love, Eunice & Sean in Long Beach, CA

Moe, golden shaded British Shorthair boy, playing with Minuet buddy Bob

Moe, golden shaded British Shorthair boy, playing with Minuet buddy Bob

"Bob and Moe are doing wonderful!!!!! We feel so lucky to have 2 such wonderful cats, who truly love each other. They are both so patient with the kids and we spend hours laughing at how hilarious they both are. Bob especially is a really funny cat. He’s incredibly intelligent and has figured out how to turn all his toys on and off and can even open the lower cabinets in our kitchen to sleep or steal treats! He’s very very clever.

Moe is just a the biggest cuddler ever. He is very much like his breed name implies: British lol. He observes the other 2 and if cats could roll their eyes, he would be doing just that. He’s very proper and even sits with his legs crossed in front of him like a proper gentlemen. He loves watching the deer out of our big front windows. I’ve never met a cat who loves to be loved as much as Moe does."

~Alyssa & family in Bellingham, WA

Update: Alyssa has also adopted a 3rd kitten from us in March 2018, We are glad they bring so much love & joy!